About our Association

The International Association for eScience / Internationaler Verein für eScience (IAFES) operates world wide, with an emphasis on international collaboration. It is based in Vienna (Austria, Europe).

Objectives of the Association

The association, which is a non-profit making body aims:

to promote the development, education and research in the area of eScience, including

  • Information and communications technology (ICT)

  • telecommunications

  • e-learning

  • e-media

  • e-culture …

To support young researchers in these areas
To offer an exchange platform for experts
To offer a platform for international co-operation


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Education (targeted training and courses) for the post-graduate level

Scholarships for students in the name of “Prof. Gregory Zeibekakis”

Graduate Partnerships Programs

Promotions of young researchers

Research contracts, Research grants for students